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Many people who have bone density loss associated with scoliosis also suffer from scoliosis related pain. Our ScoliPAIN plus formula targets the pain with a patented blend of curcumin and black pepper extracts.

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Are there any medications that will interfere with Scoli StrongBone Formula?

While the Scoli StrongBone Formula does not interact with any prescription medications, there are certain medications that may prevent Scoli StrongBone Formula from improving bone density, such as bisphosphonates. As with any supplement, we advise seeking the opinion of your treating physician before starting Scoli StrongBone Formula.

Will I feel any different when taking Scoli StrongBone Formula?

The goal of Scoli StrongBone Formula is to improve bone metabolism and hence improve bone density. You will not likely notice a difference while on this supplement. However, many people elect to submit a bone resorption test to quantify their bone density improvements. This is not required, however.

How is this bone supplement different than other similar commercially available products?

Scoli StrongBone Formula has all of the ingredients required for the body to readily make new bone. Many similar products do not contain all of the key nutrients, only the more common ones. Plus, you will not find any artificial ingredients, fillers, food dyes, or potentially hazardous chemicals in Scoli StrongBone Formula. Please review our comparison chart on this site for more detailed information.

How long will I need to take Scoli StrongBone Formula?

This answer depends on several factors, such as your genetic predisposition toward osteoporosis (if your mother or grandmother had low bone density), your dietary habits, and your activity level. Many people elect to take bone building supplements like Scoli StrongBone Formula on an ongoing basis to help minimize the chance of osteoporosis or hip fracture. How long you want to maintain healthy bone density is up to you! Most of the factors are under your control!

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